How to Find Prospects That Love You, Just Like Your Best Clients Do

February 10, 2017  By Caroline Chapin
Wouldn't it be great if your entire customer base consisted of clients who never complained, always paid their bills on time, and regularly referred other like-minded companies?  It sounds too good to be true and, in a way, it is.  By being more intentional with your marketing efforts, you can go after prospects that are similar to the customers you love.

Here is a strategy you can use to find qualified prospects. Take a minute and identify a few of your best clients. Call them up and ask this very important question: Which networking events or conferences do you attend regularly?

Go Where They Go

There are often key events such as trade shows, association meetings, or seminars that your clients attend every year. Find out what those meetings are and put them on your calendar. If your best customers are there, it means that you have a strong chance of finding qualified prospects there, too.

Ask your clients if you can meet up with them at these events. When you see them, stand in the same circles as they do.  If someone asks you what you do, you can point to your client and say “we help companies like Sandy’s sleep better at night by taking care of all of their technology.” Your clients will be your brand ambassadors. 

Meet, Greet, and Gather Information

When you attend a networking event like this, hold off on trying to make a sale the moment you meet someone new. No one likes to be pressured. Rather, take the time to get to know someone by asking non-business questions. Here are a few examples:

  • Where are you originally from?
  • What brought you to this area?
  • Do you have kids or other family nearby?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
These questions are designed to build rapport with your new contacts and connect with them on a personal level. Maybe you attended the same college or s hare an interest in sports.  After you get more comfortable with each other, talking about business becomes a different experience where they may be more open to sharing.

Help Them Out, No Strings Attached

As you are getting to know your new contact better, think of ways you may be able to help. Ask a qualifying question like this:

  • You have an interesting business. We’re seeing lots of companies your size unfortunately becoming the targets of hackers. I’m curious, what would happen if one of your employees clicked on a phishing email that encrypted all of your files?
Rather than diving into a list of your services, a question like this puts your newly found contact in a scenario that they can visualize. More often than not, you will get a shrug or a response like “I don’t know.”

This gives you an opening to help them with their business. 

  • Bill, we’ve got a Ransomware guide that can help you think through some of the issues. I’m happy to send you a copy. Can I get your business card?
You now have their contact information and a good reason to follow up; all without making a sales pitch.

It's a win for everyone involved. You've helped them realize security holes that could destroy their business and you've set yourself up as someone who cares and can provide a solution. Even if they are not ready to buy your services immediately, your effort is building confidence and trust.

Don't Forget to Follow-Up

It's so easy to come back from a networking event, get swept up in other tasks that demand your attention, and forget to follow-up. Don't let this happen. All that time spent networking will come to nothing. Instead, try two simple things:

1. Add them to your database of contacts in Autotask.
2. Be sure to send them the guide you promised.

Cultivating a relationship this way really pays off. It will strengthen your ties with your best clients and provide you with a way to reach new prospects that you will love!

If you are already an Autotask Workplace ™ partner, you can download your co-brandable Ransomware document, and that you can immediately share with your prospects to start sales conversations. 

If you’re interested in becoming a partner or learning how an enterprise grade File Sync & Share solution like Autotask Workplace™ can help keep your clients’ data secure, you can learn more here.

Caroline Chapin
Director, Partner Marketing
Caroline Chapin is responsible for developing and managing the global partner program. Her main objective is to enable partner success by providing them the sales and marketing tools needed to drive leads, close deals, and grow their project and monthly recurring revenue.

Caroline has 11+ years of experience in channel sales, channel enablement, and growing strategic alliances in the technology industry.

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