Making the Case for Autotask Endpoint Management to Reduce Response Times and Alerts

February 24, 2017  By Micah Thor
Note from the editor: This blog is part of a series where Autotask customers share their tried and tested insights and best practices.

Are you looking for ways to respond to problems faster and decrease the number of alerts you are receiving on a daily basis? While there is no way to control how often or what exactly a client is going to need at any given moment, there are simple changes to make that can help your technicians stay focused on the most important tasks at hand. 

For our business, we changed the game when we implemented Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM) unified with Autotask PSA. Once we did that we were able to automate a lot of client requests and close tickets faster. This allowed us to focus our energy and efforts on making more proactive, strategic technology recommendations to help our clients. 

With AEM, we could create more accurate tickets, be alerted to issues before they were going to cause a problem for clients and take care of their needs faster and easier than ever before. 

Here’s a look at the results we’ve seen in just 5 months of using AEM: 

  • 86 low disk space tickets automatically resolved. We used to spend an average of 20 minutes per ticket to do it manually. 28 hours saved 
  • 260 drifting clocks automatically resolved. It would take an average of 5 minutes per ticket to address it manually. 22 hours saved 
  • 16 failed server drives. Time spent only having to hot swap drives was 8 hours compared to the 64 hours of time that would have been spent re-building each server from backup. 56 hours saved.
At Tech Guru, we are absolute believers in the power of having endpoint management unified with our PSA.  The results are REAL (see above!), actionable and making an incredible difference in how we effectively manage our service delivery efforts.  

Create alerts that matter.


Micah Thor
President, TechGuru

Micah is President of the innovative IT service firm—TechGuru, which delivers technical consulting, support and leadership to businesses who do not have the necessary IT resources in-house. As a committed and passionate business leader, Micah uses his broad sales and operations expertise to lead TechGuru in delivering exceptional business guidance and technical solutions to his customers. His areas of expertise include assessing clients’ technical risks and threats, advising clients on system and workflow efficiencies, managing complex IT projects, ensuring client success as well as operations leadership and business development for TechGuru.


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