Are You Efficiently Managing Your File Sync & Share Service?

March 15, 2017  By Rick Paul
The File Sync & Share (FSS) market is HOT!  MarketsandMarkets states that FSS is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 25.7% through 2020 which translates to a $3.5 billion opportunity for IT Service Providers.

Adding an Enterprise grade FSS solution to their portfolio can provide many benefits to an ITSP; including increased client retention, stickiness, and higher user bundle margins.  All positives for sure, but many ITSP’s fail to consider the administrative capacity that adding this service can have on their organization.

Selling, supporting, and accurately billing an FSS solution can be inefficient and without the use of an integrated platform it can impact your bottom line.

The organizational impact can be far reaching and includes Sales, Support and Finance.  The sales team will need to quote the proper FSS package and transition the client for provisioning.  Support requests will need to be forwarded to the appropriate Queue or Resource for quick remediation.  FSS agents will need to be updated and deployed as new versions are released. 

Lastly, finance will need to update the AWP contract for each client with a plan change (additional users, storage changes etc.) to ensure billing accuracy.   This will need to be done during each billing period. Fortunately, Autotask can help our Autotask Workplace™ (AWP) partners not only deploy a premium enterprise grade FSS solution, but also maintain their margins and streamline the above processes.  This is accomplished via our Unified IT Business Management Platform leveraging Autotask PSA and Endpoint Management AEM.

The streamlined benefits for AWP Partners include the following: 
  • Automatically populate the Autotask service catalog with AWP 
  • Recurring contracts are auto-updated to reflect plan changes and upcharges which increases time to revenue
  • Automated ticket creation in Autotask PSA which will alert the service desk
  • Unattended mass deployment of Workplace Desktop agents
  • Automated monitoring of the Workplace Desktop agent
  • Automated self-healing remediation
Whether you are currently offering an enterprise grade FSS solution today or are thinking of adding one to your managed services practice, the  overarching benefits of a unified platform approach should be considered as part of the review process.

If you would like to learn more about Autotask Workplace (AWP) and our unified offering or request a meeting, please contact me at
Partner Development Manager - North America, East
Rick is the Partner Development Manager for Autotask Workplace covering the Eastern US and Eastern Canadian territories. In this role Rick works to enable new Workplace partners and grow existing partner’s File Sync & Sharing services. Rick has been with Autotask for 9 years and has over 20 years experience in software sales and business development with IT Service Providers and Enterprise accounts.

Prior to joining Autotask, Rick held sales positions with Concord Communications (acquired by CA Technologies), Kronos, and Mobile Comm.

He attended Westfield State University where he received his BA in Mass Communication.

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