Here’s How to Make Tracking the Right KPIs Incredibly Easy

March 27, 2017  
How many times have you thought to yourself “I really need a better way to understand if my team is performing, if business is growing, if customers are happy?” Then you thought about the work that would have to go into setting that up and you passed on doing that because there is always some other priority taking precedent.
Well, what if the heavy lifting was done for you and all you had to do was a few simple things in your awesome PSA and voilà you’re tracking the most important metrics to view how your team and business is doing. Good stuff, right?
Autotask did the legwork, relied on its wise data experts and came up with the top 10 KPIs to track. And it’s all laid out for you in this great ebook: Top 10 KPIs Service Providers Should be Tracking.
Or, if you’d like to hear and understand why these 10 are the right ones to pay attention to, listen to Autotask Director of Product Management, Joe Rourke’s on-demand webinar here.

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