‘World Backup Day’ Highlights Continued Threats to Data Security & Continued Opportunity for MSPs

March 30, 2017  By Frederick Drennan
The fact that we have a ‘World Backup Day’ is interesting.  With awareness around data security at an all-time high, it’s amazing how often data gets lost, stolen, or held for ransom – resulting in lost data, revenue, and reputation.  The need is clearly there to redouble efforts and secure business data on all devices.  And, with new automated technologies and solutions, this represents multiple opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer additional – and profitable – services to protect customer data and keep customers happy.
This is set against a context where threats to data security have never been greater, and of course, we cannot discuss ‘threats’ in a cyber context without mentioning the bogeyman – ransomware.  In 2016 alone, it is estimated that worldwide ransomware attacks increased by an astonishing 600% [1].  It is therefore hardly a surprise that organizations rank ransomware as the number one security threat– with over 50% of businesses thought to have been affected by it in the last 12 months [2].  
New threats such as ransomware are not diminishing over time.  On the contrary, they are evolving, enabling them to often avoid traditional preventative methods (user training, anti-virus) and infect even more machines to extract money.  Not only this, but the bar to get on the ransomware bandwagon is lowered – we now have so-called Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) options to enable even technologically un-savvy criminals to get involved.

The industry is shifting to respond.  Many MSPs are redoubling efforts on the aforementioned preventative measures, such as automating patch management using next-gen RMM technologies and providing user training.  This is a necessary step; however, security can never be 100% effective… someone will always click on the enticing email offer of $1 million. What this means is backing up all business data – as it is all critical to a business – on as many endpoints as possible (so not just servers) is a necessity as a reactive measure.  
With preventative and reactive measures in place, on as many endpoints as possible, this puts MSPs in the best position possible to provide a world-class service.  With advances in technology, this is also possible, and profitable.  Fully integrated solutions, such as Autotask’s Unified Platform, encompasses fully-integrated PSA, RMM, and also now FSS and Endpoint Backup technologies to enable MSPs to provide a world-class service to their customers and keep their data as secure as possible.
Interested in this?  Take a look at 7 Advantages to Include AEB in Your Managed Services and reach out to your Autotask Account Manager for more information and to schedule a demo.  Not sure who your Account Manager is?  Reach us on or message me directly.



Frederick Drennan
Product Manager

As a Product Manager, Frederick researches and validates market problems, liaising closely between partners worldwide along with engineering and other internal stakeholders to develop new features and updates to Autotask Workplace (AWP) and Endpoint Backup (AEB). Previously, Freddie worked in partner development for Autotask, developing AWP and AEB partners across the UK & EMEA region.

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