Gartner Insights: Top 10 IT Service Delivery Strategies

April 03, 2017  
We know you’re always looking for ways to get better, faster, stronger so we’re passing along a great resource to help you do just that: Gartner’s Top IT Service Delivery Strategies research note.
In it, Gartner looks at what you need to do to evolve, adapt and survive in today’s super competitive, rapidly changing IT landscape. The research note outlines the top 10 success strategies for meeting the latest challenges of the cloud and delivering everything-as-a-service models to help grow your business. 
According to Gartner, ‘most SLAs are still based on technical aspects, like server and network uptime, and they fail to factor in the impact of outages or low performance on key business outcomes.’
To move the needle in the right direction they advise (and we definitely agree): 
  • Don't paint all services with the same brush. Build dynamic, business-value-based SLAs
  • Prioritize IT services by business criticality and impact. Manage IT services as services, not as technical entities.
View the Gartner research here

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