Autotask Week in IT: Catch Up on Industry News

June 09, 2017  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: Reverse mentoring: A unique approach to rejuvenating your IT culture
By: Clint Boulton
CIOs often lament the IT talent shortage, and unless you’re able to lure young techies with stock options, perks and too-good-to-pass-up pay, you may find yourself leading a department stuck in its legacy ways. One solution is to train your veteran IT staff to evolve with the times by tapping a hidden teacher pool: millennial “digital natives.”

Talkin’ Cloud: 5 Cloud Adoption Facts That Show How Businesses are Readily Embracing Cloud
By: Kirill Bensonoff
The cloud isn’t a passing fad or just training-wheel technology for bootstrapping startups; it’s increasingly how enterprises are affordable, reliable and scalable addressing their IT needs. To be clear, this isn’t just hand-waving from enthusiasts trying to get more firms on the cloud computing train, the proof is in the numbers.

Harvard Business Review: How to Manage a Team of All-Stars
By: Dan Ruch
Star talent has an outsized impact on team productivity. The greater the percentage of A-players on a team, the more productive that team will be. But we may not fully recognize just how much better they are. So what does it take to unleash this productive power in your organization? Our research and experience highlights at least five actions.

The VAR Guy: 5 Reasons to Overcome Resistance & Leverage Cloud Like Your Business Depends on It
By: Kirill Bensonoff
Some managed services providers and IT services companies may view the cloud as a threat, hesitant to relinquish control of their customers’ environments to larger players such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google. But the cloud isn’t going anywhere, and enterprises are already demanding the features and benefits it provides.

IT Wire: ‘Impersonation’ attacks break through email security at alarming rate
By: Peter Dinham
There has been a massive rise in email impersonation attacks — where a cyber criminal attempts to impersonate a trusted individual — around the world, as organisations fight a seemingly losing battle to prevent malicious emails from breaking through security systems.

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