The Role Endpoint Management Plays in Industrial Internet and Internet of Things

June 14, 2017  

Ian Van Reenen vice president of engineering, endpoint products at Autotask, is responsible for driving Autotask’s endpoint management product roadmap, development and delivery. Since Ian spends his days engrossed in all that is happening with endpoint management, he has garnered some savvy expertise about just how pervasive endpoint management is about to be as the Industrial Internet picks up steam and the Internet of Things becomes more real.

Ian contributed a three-part series of articles about the intersection of endpoint management and Internet of Things to Business Computing World. Here’s a quick summary of each article’s main points and a link to read the articles in their entirety.

By way of introduction, the movement toward an integrated digital-human workforce will position the Industrial Internet to invent and redefine jobs, and even the nature of work. At its heart, Internet of Things connects remotely monitored endpoints with the service personnel and product solutions needed to ensure proper equipment function. The Internet of Things connects, monitors and controls just about anything, anywhere, so that operations are more productive and profitable. It’s the wave of the future, and the future is happening now.

In the first article, Ian takes a look at why Data Analysis is a Vital Element for Success for the Industrial Internet.

How well industrial operations function depends, in part, on the value of data collected on a constant basis across the enterprise, from far-flung as well as close-in facilities. It’s not the data that makes the difference—it’s having the data in an actionable format that is important. The evolution from personal to digital interactions to track, capture and contextualise the data journey and subsequently inform better decision-making has become inevitable, and its potential reach is limitless.

Read the article here.

In the second article, IoT: Breathing New Life into Industrial Organisations, Ian outlines the opportunities for MSPs including:

  • Optimising the allocation and performance of IT resources
  • Reducing downtime on IT network components
  • Auditing power usage, which creates a potential revenue-generating opportunity
Read the article here.

For the final piece of the series, he highlights Mobile Device Management in the Age of IoT

You need only look around any type of workplace to see we’re becoming an integrated digital-human workforce that counts on mobile devices to deliver anywhere/anytime business productivity. That’s the good news, but there are a number of serious challenges related to mobile device management (MDM) that need to be addressed.

More good news, cloud-based, remote monitoring endpoint management (EM) solutions like Autotask Endpoint Management, can be used to identify those who install unauthorised apps and prevent malicious intrusion of desktops, laptops and mobile handsets.

Among other things, the endpoint management platform can lock down the USB drive on a device so that it can’t be used, and alert managers if anybody tries to set up any unauthorised Flash File System apps. Endpoint management solutions allow companies to control what is being downloaded or plugged into devices.

Read the article here.

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