Autotask Week In IT: Ransomware, Project Management, and the Cloud

June 30, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Variety: Another Massive Ransomware Attack Wreaks Havoc Around the Globe
By: Janko Roettgers
For the second time in just as many months, computer malware has been infecting PCs of consumers, businesses and government institutions around the world at a rapid pace, encrypting files and demanding ransom payments to unlock the data again. The latest such ransomware outbreak started in the Ukraine, but has since spread to Western Europe, the U.S., Asia, and South America.

CIO: 8 common project management mistakes — and how to avoid them
By: Jennifer Lonoff Schiff
While no two projects are exactly the same, the issues that can affect — and potentially jeopardize — them are often quite similar. And even good project managers can make mistakes when wrangling a big, complex project — or when being bombarded with change requests. Here's what IT executives and project management professionals told us are the all-too-common mistakes they see project managers make — and advice for avoiding them.

Talkin’ Cloud: Going for Gold: Five Traits of Successful SaaS Businesses
By: Cress Ferrell
The ultimate question is this: If you were to turn off the servers or take the product away from customers, would they panic and scream about it? "Where did this go? I need it back! I can't function without it!” If this would be their reaction, you’re golden. If not, the company is only a nice-to-have, and you need to get closer to the problem.

Bloomberg: New Cyberattack Goes Global, Hits WPP, Rosneft, Maersk

By: Giles Turner, Volodymyr Verbyany & Stepan Kravchenko
More than 80 companies in Russia and Ukraine were initially affected by the Petya virus that disabled computers Tuesday and told users to pay $300 in cryptocurrency to unlock them, according to the Moscow-based cybersecurity company Group-IB. Telecommunications operators and retailers were also affected and the virus is spreading in a similar way to the WannaCry attack in May, it said.

The VAR Guy: Don't Want Your Cyber Attacked? Move to the Cloud

By: Elain Ou
Stories of crippling ransomware dominate the news, but ensuing data breaches tend not to surface for years. Such breaches primarily affect end users in ways that may be difficult to trace, so organizations haven't been terribly motivated to overhaul their security and dump the universally connected computing paradigm. Perhaps the latest disasters will put more pressure on the industry to get its act together.

The Harvard Business Review: Does Diversity Actually Increase Creativity?
By: Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Setting aside social, political, and moral reasons for encouraging a more diverse workplace, there is arguably no better incentive for promoting diversity than the premise that diverse teams and organizations are more creative. But is there actually any evidence in support of this idea? And if there is, do the potential gains in creativity produced by diversity come at the expense of interpersonal harmony and team cohesion?

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