Autotask Week in IT: The Cloud, IoT, and Productivity in the Workplace

July 14, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: 9 forces shaping the future of IT
By: Paul Heltzel
IT is on the precipice of unprecedented change. Every company, now in the business of technology, is experiencing glimmers of larger shifts to come: automation, decentralized technology budgets, rapid adoption of cloud-based services, and most recently, artificial intelligence as a business necessity.

Talkin’ Cloud: 3 Things to Consider When Transitioning to the Cloud

By: Arrow Guest Blogger
At times, it seems as though cloud adoption is growing faster than the overall IT market. It’s clear from the challenges in today’s market that businesses must adapt, and do it quickly. This transformation can be a strenuous process no matter the size or type of company.

InformationWeek: The Top Factors you Must Consider For a Robust IoT Strategy
By: Andrew Till
When executing on an IoT strategy be sure you know who needs what and that you are ready for big changes in the organization. A business’s ability to leverage data across the entire organization is becoming increasingly important to maintaining its competitive advantage.

Inc.: 10 Actions the Best Leaders Avoid to Boost Productivity
By: Matthew Jones
The energy you bring to each moment is your most valuable asset, because it empowers you to make the most out of your time. Knowing that your time on earth is limited, but being unaware of how much time you have, places much more value on being able to discern the difference between behaviors that add value and the actions that aren't worth the effort. 

The VAR Guy: Next WannaCry Cyber Attack Could Cost Insurers $2.5 Billion
By: Oliver Suess
Cyber crime insurers largely avoided costly claims from the recent attacks that hit businesses around the globe. The next global virus could change that. With cyber coverage growing rapidly and insurers increasingly seeing the segment as their next blockbuster, regulators are concerned that the industry could be taken by surprise.

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