Autotask Week in IT: Hiring Strategies, the IT Skills Gap, and Secrets of Exceptional Leaders

July 21, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Forbes: 12 Golden Rules For Technology Executives To Find Success Today

By: Forbes Technology Council
Technology executives have options when it comes to creating success, but ignoring change isn’t one of them. The field demands constant adaptation and analysis. The processes that work well now may not hold up seven or even three years from now. There are some overarching strategies, however, that can keep experts in front of what ever is coming next.

CIO: 5 innovative IT hiring strategies

By: Sarah K. White
Who says you have to look outside the organization to find tech talent? Chances are, there are plenty of people within your organization willing to take on new responsibilities. It's like how an artist can work in different mediums, such as watercolor, oils, etc. If you have skills in Java, HTML, scripting languages, Microsoft, or anything similar, then you can apply those same concepts and talents to the mainframe medium.

InformationWeek: CompTIA: IT Skills Gap Appears to be Growing

By: Charles Babcock
A skills gap frequently exists between what employers want from their IT workforce and what workers can actually deliver. A survey of 600 IT and business professionals finds more new skills are needed to keep the business up to date and competitive.

Inc.: The Best-Kept Secrets of Exceptional Leaders (No.5 Is Key)
By: Craig Hickman
Too often, leaders don't know what accountability looks like, much less how to implement accountability in an organization. That's why we're revealing the best-kept secrets that exceptional leaders use to identify the characteristics of an accountable culture, elevate accountability from a buzzword to a business philosophy, drive greater ownership for achieving the desired results, and ultimately create a more productive, happier workforce.

Tech Crunch: Elon Musk clarifies that AI regulation should follow observation and insight
By: Darrell Etherington
Elon Musk made headlines over the weekend with comments calling for government controls around artificial intelligence, which he has said repeatedly he believes is an existential threat to humanity if left unchecked. “It’s going to be a real big deal, and it’s going to come on like a tidal wave,” he said.

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