Digital Advertising 101 - Paid Search: Advertising that Pays in Leads –Yes, For Real

August 22, 2017  
This blog is part of a series. See the first blog, Digital Advertising 101 - Search Engine Optimization: If You Make It Search-Friendly, They Will Come here

Okay, so there is some work to be done before the title of this blog becomes a reality. First, it’s time to put some effort and focus into brand awareness for your business. Why is this necessary? Because creating credibility that lasts throughout the buyer journey from awareness to research through the negotiation stage is essential to a digital advertising strategy that works. 

The cornerstones of this strategy are:
  • Social media: - this is meant to be an engaging, interactive resource to help solve a customer’s pain point 
  • Content opportunities: not selling your product or service, but instead, thought leadership and  expert commentary 
  • Business reviews:  videos of customer stories are awesome
  • Customer experience:  Is your website easy to navigate? Is the most important content front and center? Is it mobile-friendly? 
Since tracking and measurement are much more viable in digital realm, using analytics to fine-tune how people are using your website and which call to actions work is highly recommended. Once you’re in good shape with analytics, it’s time to drive your brand awareness with content promotion outreach. LinkedIn and Facebook advertising are proven outlets for successful B2B content promotion, and investing in paid search marketing really does pay off.  It’s best to work with an expert partner to get the best results from paid search efforts. 

Andy Groller, Vice President, Digital Advertising at DragonSearch schools you on all you need to know about paid search in his on-demand webinar: Digital Advertising 101 for IT Service Providers. Find it here

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