Autotask Week in IT: Save Money With More Data, Revolutionizing the Cloud, and Great Management

September 08, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Information Week: Cloud Technology Partners: Combat the Cloud Resistance
By: Charles Babcock
Everyone is likely to share an initial enthusiasm for moving to the cloud and have an open mind about the prospect. As people become aware of "the magnitude of the depth and breadth of the potential change, they seek refuge in multiple forms of denial.

Inc.: Here's What Your Data Isn't Telling You About Your Business
By: Nick Francis
The problem with data is that it has no way of knowing what makes your product or your business special. When you put all your trust in your metrics and the market, you lose the vision and perspective that led you to start your company in the first place. You blind yourself to the possibilities beyond the numbers, the opportunities that you have to create new things.

Entrepreneur: How Every Problem Is a Leadership Problem: A Successful Business Boils Down to Great Management

By: Shaun Buck
When a problem does arise, you may not bear sole responsibility, but you (or a leader in your organization or both) absolutely bear some responsibility for issues that arise at work. Just like with mistakes in life, you always could have made a better or different choice.

Forbes:  Five Questions With Aaron Levie On How AI Is Revolutionizing The Cloud
By: Louis Columbus
With AI, the challenges of streamlining a diverse array of use cases that encompass compliance, customer engagement, supply chain optimization, maintenance, repair, service and many other areas become achievable. The more AI technologies enrich unstructured content and provide contextual relevance and insight, the faster any company’s system of record can scale on a cloud platform.

CIO: 3 ways CIOs can save money by capturing more data
By: Dan Steiner
For corporations, one of the most important applications of data that does not get sufficient attention is its role in reducing costs and protecting the bottom line. Data has become instrumental in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes operate more efficiently.

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