How to Choose the Right File Folder Backup Solution to Protect Clients from Ransomware

October 11, 2017  
To effectively help clients counteract ransomware attacks, you need the right tools and technology. New ransomware threats are constantly emerging and evolving. You need to assess your current tools and processes to verify they are protecting clients in the best, most profitable way. 

There are several considerations you need to take into account when selecting a file folder backup solution: 

  • Volume: The total number of endpoints that need to be managed, monitored and backed up.

  • Churn rate: Unlike servers, desktops and laptops are replaced more frequently and need more attention. 

  • Effective management tools: Your technicians need to be able to gain a comprehensive view of all devices for all companies being monitored. 

  • Backup methodology: Unlike servers, which can be backed up during off hours, laptops and mobile devices are used at all hours of the day. You need to determine the ideal backup methodology for each client. 

  • Billing: As new devices are added to accounts, you need to determine how that billing is being handled. 

  • Predictable cost model: Ensure the vendors you evaluate offer a cost option that doesn’t limit your business or your clients based on the amount of files backed up at a given point in time.
Download this helpful guide: 6 Ways to Shield Business from Ransomware to find out how to choose the right solution and then protect and respond to clients in the event of a cyberattack. Find it here

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