National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Prevention is Better than a Cure

October 19, 2017  By Frederick Drennan
It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the focus this week turns to Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet. The Department for Homeland Security (DHS) notes that whilst protecting devices is a big priority, we must remember that we do this primarily to protect our data.  Devices are replaceable. Sadly, this isn’t always the case for our sensitive data.

Much of the advice from DHS about this topic hinges on people reading and understanding guidance, and astutely following it every time they use a device or access the internet. This is not going to be 100% effective. 

Threats such as ransomware are now well-known. The threat is not going away as organised criminal groups and hackers continue to evolve methods to avoid or defeat security measures. This means having a reactive approach – in conjunction with preventative steps – is required to provide the most comprehensive security.

The importance of being able to react to a threat to our data is critical and vital to any business. For example, what if a board member inadvertently deletes an important – and laborious – report, or their laptop becomes infected with ransomware. That data loss is a significant loss of productivity, and restoring the backed-up data will be highly valued. This value is maintained to similar degrees at any level of an organisation: a sales person loses their laptop; a lawyer clicks on a phishing email and risks having confidential client data encrypted and held to ransom. These incidents happen more than you think so both preventative and reactive measures are necessary to prevent any data loss and maintain productivity. 

For Managed Service Providers, this is an opportunity to add significant value by having the expertise and services to help clients thwart cyberattacks and restore last data. And yes, this can translate to additional monthly services and revenue growth. Autotask Endpoint Backup can be deployed, authenticated and monitored via Autotask Endpoint Management, and the contracts, billing, provisioning and tickets can be automated via Autotask PSA. In addition to this, your clients can seamlessly restore data, reducing the need to raise a ticket and consume resources for quick-fix issues. Truly a win-win for everyone involved.

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Frederick Drennan
Product Manager

As a Product Manager, Frederick researches and validates market problems, liaising closely between partners worldwide along with engineering and other internal stakeholders to develop new features and updates to Autotask Workplace (AWP) and Endpoint Backup (AEB). Previously, Freddie worked in partner development for Autotask, developing AWP and AEB partners across the UK & EMEA region.

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