Autotask Week in IT: Cloud myths, cost optimization and cultivating a high-performing culture

October 20, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Dark Reading: What's Next After HTTPS: A Fully Encrypted Web?
By Guy Podjarny
Most websites rely on a frightening number of third-party services, doing anything from analytics to advertising to social content. The fairly recent Content Security Policy (CSP) standard helps contain what those services can do on your site, reducing the risk of data theft and cross-site scripting.

CloudTech: Exploding cloud myths, part 1: Why the cloud does not solve all business continuity and DR pains
By Brian Murray
While continuity planning is clearly the responsibility of the business, rather than the IT function, it is still important for IT to ensure its service impact assessments address all relevant risks. Cloud service dependencies may need more analysis, as a number of low-criticality business services sharing the same infrastructure-as-a-service can incur a combined impact even greater than that from a single high-criticality service.

CIO: Is strategic planning the key to IT cost optimization?
By Greg Hall
When it comes to renewing IT contracts, cost optimization is typically top of mind. While there are several ways to approach renewal negotiations, the most effective means to achieve long-term cost-savings is by leveraging a comprehensive future demand roadmap. Why? It’s the key ingredient in a recipe to maximizing your cost optimization opportunity and producing a ‘win-win’ scenario for both parties.

Business Computing World: Embracing Hybrid IT: Complexities And The Skills Gap
By Kong Yang
In recent years, the adoption of cloud IT services within organizations has increased at a dramatic rate. IT departments are now subsequently facing various hurdles between integrating such cloud services and managing distributed environments. These issues have further been complicated by an increasing lack of visibility, with resources split between on-premises and cloud infrastructure services.

Inc: 6 Ways You Can Cultivate a Healthy and High-Performing Culture
By Julian Hayes II
Companies want to be profitable and maximize their performance and impact both in the world and within their industry. With that said, accomplishing those feats starts with cultivating a culture to allow those things to happen which starts with a priority on employee well-being.

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