Autotask Week in IT: Hyperconvergence, maintaining integrity and business intelligence

October 27, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Dark Reading: Security Training & Awareness: 3 Big Myths
By Eyal Benishti
While many reporters and analysts explore how to create security awareness training programs that employees "won't hate," few experts would argue for allocating more time than absolutely necessary. That's because training adults on cybersecurity is a lot like training children in math or science — more time spent does not typically equate to better results.

CloudTech: Is Hyperconvergence Really Key to Your Data Center Cloud Strategy?
By Graham Jarvis 
Vendors often like to create a new name for an existing piece of technology that is essentially made up of the same components and fulfills the same functions. This is because of factors such as the competitive pressure to keep customers interested: application service provision is more commonly known today as the cloud, while converged infrastructure has led to hyperconverged infrastructure.

CIO: AI-defined Infrastructure: Be Prepared for a New Generation of Business Models and Applications
By Rene Buest
Right now, AI is the technology that has the potential not only to improve existing infrastructure like cloud environments but expedite a new generation of infrastructure technologies as well. As an important technology trend, AI has influenced a new generation of development frameworks as well as a new generation of hardware technologies to run scalable AI applications.

Business Computing World: Maintaining Integrity at All Branches of Your IT Estate
By Nick East
The demands on branch IT are increasing, fuelled by the need to drive operational efficiencies through innovation in the branch and — for retailers — enhanced consumer experiences. This can only be achieved by having an agile infrastructure that can accommodate local workloads in the branch. Companies need an infrastructure that they can use to prototype and test new applications and services — and if successful, roll out in a fast and efficient manner.

InformationWeek: BI Will Change the Role of IT as We Know It
By Bobby Beckmann
IT professionals who are truly in-the-know about their network are always better prepared for any situation that may come up. With the sophisticated BI tools available today, gathering knowledge is becoming easier to do. IT will be able to take advantage of real-time data to predict and prevent issues before they occur, minimizing the potential impact for their users and their business.

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