Autotask Week in IT: The evolution of the MSP space, team leadership and changing the cybersecurity conversation

November 03, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Dark Reading: It’s Time to Change the Cybersecurity Conversation
By Tim Wilson
Most of today’s IT security conversations – and most IT security conferences – tend to happen through one-way presentations or in silos of interested professions. In the enterprise, security teams sometimes spend more of their day talking among themselves than to those with whom they’re exchanging data. Security strategies also tend to be internal, rather than across supply chains or shared infrastructure.

CloudTech: Assessing the Evolution of the Managed Services and MSP Space
By Justin Day 
From network infrastructure to end user computing, from application to print, more services are available in more ways than ever before. The flexibility in being able to select the technologies that best suit the business, in the most cost-effective manner and with the service wrap that meets business requirements is powerful and achievable.

Business Computing World: Artificial Intelligence: Choosing the Right Flavor
By Rob Walker
Businesses are increasingly at a crossroads when it comes to selecting which AI system is right for them. One might think that a transparent system would be the preferred choice of many if they could make it unencumbered, but in reality, it may be quite a tough decision to make.

Forbes: Huddle up, Team -- the Coach has Something to Say
By Andy Bailey
Truly great coaches live outside their comfort zones, show their teams who they really are and share the personal side of their life in order to solidify strong relationships with team members and inspire loyalty. It’s natural to fear vulnerability, but it’s crucial to be vulnerable if you truly want to be great.

CIO: Why CIOs Need a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
By Michael Zammuto
Artificial intelligence (AI) has massively disruptive, transformative strategic potential. Enterprises that build strategies around it are likely to outperform the competition. Building the right top-level talent is critical and companies and CIOs benefit from creating a c-level position to lead the charge.

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