Metrics that Matter: Customer Satisfaction is Still King and Likely More Important Than Ever

November 07, 2017  
For 4 years, Autotask has been taking the pulse of the industry with its annual ITSP Benchmarking Study. And though many things remain consistent, for example, ITSPs are still losing valuable time to manual tasks (insert frown face emoji). There is a lot of reason to celebrate the evolution of ITSPs becoming more customer-centric and playing a more strategic role with their clients.  In fact, the 2017 survey results showed that customer satisfaction rating has become the top metric that ITSPs track. 

Here's a look:
Metrics that Matter

What’s even more fascinating is how ITSPs are improving customer satisfaction. The communication channels they are using still include traditional outreach efforts like customer surveys, but what’s changed dramatically in 2017 is the role social media is playing. Social media went from being a channel only 26% of respondents in 2016 used to improve customer satisfaction ratings to 52% of respondents in 2017 using it. Wow, if you don’t currently have a digital media strategy that is employing heavy outreach on social channels, then it’s probably time to re-evaluate the importance of social. The world is more connected than ever and making it easy for your clients to get in touch, provide feedback or learn more about your latest offerings, services is vital to building strong customer relationships that translate to high satisfaction and long-term retention. #getsocial

What else did 2017 survey respondents say about the Metrics that Matter? Find out in the ebook here

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