Autotask Week in IT: Digital Disruption, Company Culture and Innovation in the Cloud

November 17, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: Anatomy of an IT Strategic Plan in the Era of Digital Disruption
By Stephanie Overby
IT’s role in the development and execution of business strategy has grown significantly in the era of digital transformation. But as the rate of business and technology change has accelerated, some of the past static, rigid and disjointed approaches to IT strategic planning fail to keep pace. 

Harvard Business Review: Turning Potential into Success: The Missing Link in Leadership Development
By Claudio Fernanzez-Araoz, Andrew Roscoe and Kentaro Aramaki
Organizations around the world are failing on one key metric of success: leadership development. According to research from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 66% of companies invest in programs that aim to identify high-potential employees and help them advance, but only 24% of senior executives at those firms consider the programs to be a success. 

CSO: Acute Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Areas
By Jon Oltsik
A new study by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) reveals 70% of cybersecurity pros say that the global cybersecurity skills shortage has impacted their organizations. The data indicates most organizations don’t have enough cybersecurity staffers, lack some necessary cybersecurity skills or both – a daunting situation. 
InfoWorld: You Want Innovation? You’ll have to go to the cloud
By David Linthicum
Are we at the tipping point with cloud computing? As more technology comes out on public clouds, cloud technology seems to be pushing the limits of innovation. It’s still an emerging approach, yet the degree of innovation in the public cloud seems to have surpassed the innovation of technologies that remain on premises. 

Inc.:  The 1 Company Culture Rule 99% of People Are Afraid to Follow but Should
By Nicholas Cole
We are experiencing a massive shift in how companies think about company culture.
Go back a few years and it was all about novelties to draw top talent: big screen televisions, open workspaces, Ping-Pong tables and baristas on payroll. Go back a decade and these things hadn't yet permeated mainstream businesses and office spaces. But now we're past the novelties, what people want out of their 40-hour work week goes so much deeper.

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