Metrics that Matter: Smart Hiring Decisions Mean Better Business

November 20, 2017  

Good news, there is such great growth and opportunity out there, ITSPs are expanding and hiring as reported in Autotask’s 2017 annual ITSP benchmarking study. 75% of the more than 1,000 global respondents said they’re adding up to 10 people over the next year to accommodate growing ticket and project volumes. While service desk staff dominate when it comes to headcount increases, other functions are also seeing their share of expansion including sales at 40%.

Metrics that Matter

So, this is where we offer a bit of advice for hiring salespeople. It’s incredibly important to hire sales people that are not only a great fit with your company culture, but are able to represent your brand with customers in the best way possible and provide service that goes above and beyond. With some patience and planning, you’ll be able to build a stronger, better team that has deeper bench strength when you consider these 3 things compliments of Mark Banfield, VP of International, a passionate sales culture champion.

  1. Hire the same type of successful sales people. Define the attributes most important to your sales strategy and prioritize them. For example, work ethic and willingness to be coached could be the most critical, followed by passion, adaptability to change and propensity to be highly prepared. Weight these attributes and score each candidate based on your defined criteria. This will help you consistently hire the right salespeople to work within your culture and get the job done for your customers. 
  2. Train them the same way. An all-in, boot-camp environment is best for initial sales training. Create a core curriculum and follow it, with frequent tests (presentations and role playing) followed by feedback. Not all will pass, but those who do should be recognized and celebrated.
  3. Create a motivational environment. Communication is the most important aspect of motivating sales people, so weekly team meetings are essential. Other motivators include goal setting (self-set and shared objectives) and monthly and annual awards.

 Find out more about ITSPs’ workforce expansion plans in the 2017 Metrics that Matter ebook here.

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