3 Ways to Make Implementation a Success

November 28, 2017  By Steve Curran
Let’s face it: Implementing a new PSA tool can be a challenge. But with a little prep you can ensure a successful rollout of Autotask. Here are 3 strategies we recommend:  

  1. A necessary first step is to identify your company’s Autotask champion. Your champion should have strong knowledge of your business’ operations; know the requirements and desired outcomes of implementing a new tool and understand which parts of the business could benefit from an automation tool like Autotask PSA. Your Autotask champion may be one person or a team. Autotask client service managers provide training materials, consultation sessions, webinars and configuration techniques to assist your Autotask champion throughout the implementation process.

  2. Once you’ve got your champion, it’s time to get to the nitty gritty. You’ll need to know what you want to migrate to Autotask, and hate to break it to you: you’ll want to clean it all up. Starting with fresh, accurate data will make implementing Autotask a smoother experience. Give serious thought to how many years of data you will need to move to Autotask and what your company’s goals are for that data. This will get the gears of implementation going.

  3. Pick a go live date (one of the most important things you can do). Having a go live date sets the timeline for your implementation milestones. Establishing a timeline lets your Autotask champion plan accordingly for the internal processes that need to be completed for a successful rollout on your go live date. 
Your implementation goals and objectives should center around your business processes that will be managed in Autotask, reporting requirements and the reasons for moving to a new PSA tool. Let us know what these are, and we’ll deliver. 

Our team will be there to guide yours with defined and tested implementation project plans, but no MSP and implementation process are the same. When you identify what your business needs and where you want to go, we are able to tailor your implementation to meet those needs. 

By following these steps, your rollout of Autotask PSA will be seamless. We know it can seem intimidating, but it can be done. Check out this company’s success story about switching to Autotask. 

Our team is ready to show you how to manage all of your business’ functions the way you want to with Autotask PSA. Get a demo here

Steve Curran, Director Services, Americas
Steve Brings over 17 years of services experience in the software industry. He leads the Professional Services team for the US and Australia and is in charge of helping customers implement the Autotask product suite in the most efficient and effective manner. During the time in his current role; he has developed implementation services that focus on allowing our customers to control the implementation process and provide a quicker return on their investment.

Steve started with Autotask 9 years ago as an implementation manager. In his role as an implementation manager he successfully implemented over 600 Autotask customers in the US, Europe, and Africa. He uses his experience as an implementation manager to ensure his team delivers high quality implementation services every day.

Prior to Autotask, Steve held various roles in finance, sales, and services at Pitney Bowes Software (formerly MapInfo Corporation).

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