5 Ways to Ensure Revenue Growth and Nearly Double your Profit Margin in a Year

November 30, 2017  By Brian Weiss

Note: This blog is part of a series highlighting insights shared at Autotask Community Live 2017. Check back regularly as we highlight the success and expertise of our partners. 

At this year’s CommLive, not only did I have a fantastic time and learn a ton, I was invited to host a session for the Autotask community. An audience of my peers joined me to find out how they could grow revenue and I was blown away by the positive response from them. 

Since I’m a firm believer in passing along valuable insights to help others on the road to success, here’s a quick recap of what I shared in my session. 

  1. Automation is key: you need more tools and (and in my opinion, the best ones you can find) to streamline, create efficiencies and enhance service delivery. A solid PSA like Autotask PSA serves as the foundation and then build your arsenal from there adding RMM, file sync and share, endpoint security, all types of backup like file & folder, cloud image, local image and IT documentation, accounting, electronic billing and digital contracts. 
  2. Put an End to Break/Fix, Insist on Monthly Fixed Rate Contracts: Avoid wasted time with billing discrepancies and disputes. Charge a monthly fee for every device on the network and include endpoint security, patch management and backup. Use contract minimums (as little as $500/month) and include unlimited “day to day” labor and avoid billing hourly.
  3. Make One-time Income Recurring: Require clients to purchase products through your MSP. And to make new equipment purchases when they are due for replacement. Add efficiency by maintaining a standard set of equipment you sell to clients. 
  4. Require Electronic Billing: Who doesn’t have a credit card or checking account? Recurring services are billed monthly and collected net 15. Products and one-time charges are billed immediately. Put an end to “the check is in the mail” once in for all.  
  5. Remember You Are the Expert, Not the Client: Prevent being taken advantage of by adding contract clauses. For example, require use of your local and cloud backup solution, no others. In order to meet SLAs, helpdesk ticket system must be used.  
When we moved from a homegrown system and took implementing, adopting and fully embracing the toolkit we invested in seriously, we were able to realize so many efficiencies, focus on profit-generating activities and provide our clients with the best service experience. Bottom line: In one year, we nearly doubled our profit margin by taking these 5 steps. 

Brian Weiss 
A California native from San Luis Obispo, Brian started working with computers as early as 1996 while still in high school. After graduating, he worked for a small mom & pop computer shop while attending college focusing on computer & network services. A few years later, he left college to start his own IT company initially working as an independent contractor before starting ITECH Solutions in 2005. ITECH Solutions started out as a break/fix IT company and has grown to a full-fledged managed IT service provider managing over 1500 devices servicing the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. Brian also owns two other companies, LIFTOFF Digital a digital marketing firm, and Quetech providing online continuing education services.

Today Brian spends most of his time focusing on the streamlining the product and service delivery for ITECH Solutions as well as identifying future growth opportunities with both market share and technology. Brian is also involved in several nonprofits and always looking for ways to give back to the community.

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