Autotask Week in IT: Cloud Security, Fileless Malware and Advanced Persistent Infrastructure

December 01, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Dark Reading: Forget APTs: Let’s Talk about Advanced Persistent Infrastructure
By Curtis Jordan
Security staff put a lot of emphasis on advanced persistent threats, or APTs, and rightly so. They are extremely difficult to defend against if a hacker is specifically targeting an organization. But with everyone's focus on APTs, we may be missing a different type of attack vector: advanced persistent infrastructure.

Forbes: Why Transparency and Honesty Matter for Leadership
By Christine Allen, Ph.D
There are no perfect people out there, yet our perfectionistic culture still promotes the concept of the “perfect leader." As a result, it makes it much more difficult for leaders and their followers to truly become better.

Harvard Business Review: 8 Tough Questions to Ask About Your Company’s Strategy
By Paul Leinwand and Matthias Bäumler
Companies often fail to address the tough questions about strategy and execution: Are we really clear, as a leadership team, about how we choose to create value in the marketplace? Can we articulate the few things the organization needs to do better than anyone else in order to deliver on that value proposition? Are we investing in those areas and do they fit with most of the products and services we sell?

CIO Insight: Shining a Light on Cloud Security
By Samuel Greengard
Let's face it: Cybersecurity has emerged as the new nightmare. Keeping systems safe and secure keeps business and IT executives up at night -- literally. The breadth and depth of threats, along with the growing sophistication of hackers and attackers, translates into constant risk.

InfoSecurity: Fileless Malware on the Rise, Becoming Top Endpoint Threat
By Tara Seals
Endpoint security risk has become rampant, with 54% of respondents in a Ponemon Institute study saying their company has experienced a successful attack. The most common culprit? Fileless malware. The survey, which polled 665 IT and security leaders, found that fileless attacks are almost 10 times more likely to succeed than file-based attacks.

TechTarget: Cloud Big Data Clusters Test Users on Migration, Management
By Craig Stedman
Companies are increasingly shifting big data clusters to the cloud for more flexibility and easier scalability. But IT managers who have made the move warn that getting the clusters there isn't easy and that there are ongoing complications to contend with after you do.

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