Autotask Week in IT: Data Security Fears, the Unsecured IoT and Employee Exposure to Cyberattacks

December 08, 2017  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Information Management: Many Organizations Can’t Shake Data Security Fears with the IoT
By Bob Violino
Even though a majority of organizations have adopted or plan to adopt Internet of Things technologies within the next year, many are still concerned about security threats, according to a new study. The report surveyed 400 IT professionals in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., and found that 69 percent of organizations have adopted or plan to adopt IoT solutions within the next year. However, forty percent of the respondents have serious concerns around cyber security.

Forbes: Cloud Computing Outlook 2018: The Top 10 Predictions for Winning The Cloud Wars
By Bob Evans
If 2017 was the year enterprise-cloud vendors locked down their strategies and market positions, then 2018 will be all about how the true leaders in the Cloud Wars transcend the boundaries of the cloud and create stunning innovation in digital transformation, customer-centric marketing and the unleashing of AI.

Harvard Business Review: Which of Your Employees Are Most Likely to Expose Your Company to a Cyber Attack?
By Kon Leong
When poet Alexander Pope first said “to err is human,” he probably didn’t realize how prescient those words were in capturing the world of cybersecurity. Yes, the root cause of most security breaches can be traced to human actions, or lack thereof. However, the bigger mistake is to believe that cybersecurity can be attained simply by correcting bad behavior. 3 Surprising Tips Every Company Can Learn From How Elon Musk Makes His Customers Wait
By Rohini Venkatraman
Twenty-two. That's how many months it has been since customers could start lining up for the Tesla Model 3. In our instant world where most people won't even line up for 22 seconds, there's something special about Tesla depositors' willingness to wait--even as delivery dates get further from reach. 

Dark Reading: The Rising Dangers of Unsecured IoT Technology
By Danielle Jackson
With more than 20 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet over the next few years, it comes as no surprise that attackers are increasingly looking to exploit them. Large-scale events like last October's distributed denial-of-service attack targeting systems operated by Dyn, and warnings from security experts should have security professionals paying attention. But are they?

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