Autotask Endpoint Backup: Newest Version Helps You Keep Clients’ Files and Folders Even Safer

December 14, 2017  
With cyber threats more serious than ever, a business-grade, cloud-based file and folder backup solution is a necessity for your clients. The latest release of Autotask Endpoint Backup provides enhanced automation to make backing up your clients’ files and folders easier and more efficient. It keeps your clients productive and ensures you’re enabling business continuity no matter what situation (lost or stolen device) or threat (ransomware) your clients may face. 

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in Autotask Endpoint Backup:

Centralized bandwidth controls. 
Now you can optimize the use of the bandwidth to suit the customer’s environment, and allow quick changes to bandwidth utilization if the internet speed changes. This helps improve the customer’s experience and keeps them productive all while securing their mission-critical data.

Backup of entire root drives. Clients may unintentionally create folders in locations that are outside the backup location, which increases the risk of data-loss in a case of a failed or lost endpoint. Autotask Endpoint Backup provides a reliable way to backup entire root drives to ensure that all business documents are backed up. This saves you time by eliminating manually having to ensure the correct folder locations are being backed up.

Smart file-type filtering. Clients will often backup unnecessary files, which in turn slows down the backup process and stores irrelevant files in the cloud. Smart file filtering ensures that clients only backup the business files they need so you can make more effective use of bandwidth. 

Multiple backup profiles. Different devices or roles in a business (servers vs. desktops or sales vs. engineering teams) require different backup settings. The ability to have multiple Backup Profiles, allows you to quickly and efficiently configure and deploy different backup settings relevant to the device or role.

Ensure compliance. To perform audits or quickly see what happened to a client’s file or folder, Autotask Endpoint Backup helps ensure compliance with scheduled reporting that gives you the insight to understand what’s going on with their service and to make sure everything is in compliance. When you set up scheduled reports, you or members of your team are automatically emailed on a regular basis with the information you need.  

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