A Quick Look at Your Top 10 Favorite Autotask Blogs of 2017

December 27, 2017  
Thank you so much for reading the Autotask Smart IT Blog. We do our best to make it a resource for you to get industry insights, business building strategies and our point of view on key issues and opportunities impacting the world of MSPs and IT service providers. 2017 was an eventful year and based on what your favorite blogs were security was clearly top of mind as well as how to take advantage of and learn more about Autotask solutions. Check them out below!

Extreme Makeover: Ticket Edition
This is one of our favorites, too. The Autotask ticket UI got a major makeover this year. This blog highlights the awesome capabilities of the new ticket and the ease it brings to day-to-day management of business operations.

Don't WannaCry? Secure Customer Data Against Ransomware
CEO Forum - WannaCry Raises the Red Flag 
Affecting so many people around the world, WannaCry was no doubt one of the hottest topics of the year. These blogs cover what happened, what it meant for ITSPs and MSPs, and how to prevent these attacks from hitting your business and your clients. 

Benefiting from a Unified IT Business Management Platform
The benefits of the Unified Platform are aplenty, and this blog discusses the highlights: automated processes, management of day-to-day tasks all leading to an increase in productivity and an enhancement of your service delivery.  

3 Steps to Better Cost Management for Managed Services 
Michelle Bournstein, Business Consultant at Custom Financial Solutions lays out 3 easy steps to efficiently track your managed service costs. 

How ITSPs and MSPs Support SMB IT Security
Len is at it again sharing sage advice about how you can protect SMBs from cybercrime and the technology needed to do it well. 

The Role Endpoint Management Plays in Industrial IoT
As the IoT picks up speed, so does the need for Endpoint Management. Ian Van Reenen highlights why in this blog. 

Why you should make the leap to a FSS solution
An oldie, but a goodie. Providing support for remote employees to work anytime, anywhere is critical. They need to collaborate and get work done securely. Only an enterprise-grade file sync and share solution, like Autotask Workplace™, can get it done. 

The Importance of Establishing a Sustainable and Repeatable Process for Responding to Cyberattacks
Ransomware had no mercy this year. This blog helps you set a foundation for preventing your business from being hit by an attack in 2018. 

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