You’ve Successfully Implemented Autotask! Great, Now What?

January 10, 2018  By Melissa Hockenberry

Yes! Congrats to you and your team on a successful roll-out of the Autotask platform. Now that we’ve given you the keys to drive your business (Autotask platform), we still have to put gas in the tank (get you moving!) and help you get up to speed quickly. We totally know what a big change using a new platform can be for your business. So, we’ve got tons of resources to help make the process smooth and simple for you. 

  1. Autotask CommunityOnline is our new and improved community forum, a space for you to connect by asking questions, learn from our great resources, even share insights and suggest ideas so we can make our products better for you. 
  2. Check out our training channels. We have more than 100 videos here with short and easy to follow step-by-step video tutorials. 
  3. Our webinar world has everything you need to learn quickly. We offer at least 5 webinars or Answer sessions every week to help make onboarding easier. These interactive trainings allow you to learn from our fabulous trainers AND your peers. 
  4. Tap into our fantastic support. Last year, we launched a brand new support portal to make finding answers to your questions a breeze. Training videos? Check. Online help? Yup. Want to schedule a session with one of our product experts? You got it. And if you need direct help, we’ve got a team for that. Our support team is on standby for you any time you might need us. 

With these resources, you’ll be an Autotask expert in no time and realize ROI on your Autotask investment faster than you ever thought possible. Check out what other customers who’ve “been there done that” have to say about their experience by reading customer success stories here.    

Melissa Hockenberry
Community & Training Program Manager

Melissa has extensive experience working with Autotask customers to train and support them in maximizing their investment in the Autotask IT Business Management Platform. She oversees the global training team and ensures they are leading training programs that help customers realize ROI from Autotask solutions. She develops and delivers highly effective training curriculum that educates customers on how to fully utilize the Autotask platform to grow their business.

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