Channeling Opportunity in 2018

January 11, 2018  
Happy New Year! As we get back into gear following the holidays, here are some thoughts from Mark Banfield, SVP, International Sales, about 2018 channel opportunities.  
Market Shifts Favor the Channel
The market is consolidating and larger VARs are starting to move into providing managed services.  They achieve this by either acquiring managed service providers or building the managed services business organically.  Other shifts in the industry include telecoms providers and managed printer providers also moving into managed services, which further demonstrates that there is significant value in providing managed services to small-medium size business clients. There are two things driving this:  One is the necessity for managed service providers to survive as their margins on selling products will likely erode over time. The second is cloud adoption continues to drive things more towards services and customers are starting to ask if service providers can provide management of endpoints.
Digital Transformation Gains Traction

It's important for managed service providers and VARs to future proof their business, as we are embarking on the fourth industrial revolution, which will be the major move to “digital transformation.” Digital transformation will be affecting every different type of business you can imagine. 
Here’s a good example: In Gatwick airport, London, they are using traffic sensors to detect when vehicle traffic is heavy close to the airport and when it is quiet. They are using the information to schedule staff at the airport for their coffee breaks in real time, based on traffic into the airport. Digital transformation is making processes more efficient and revolutionizing the ways that customers are interacting with various industries.
This is critical and relevant for the channel, as managed service providers that will win in the long run will be the ones that embrace digital transformation and help their clients do the same.  

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