Executive Q&A: Autotask Community Online with VP, Client Services, Walt Mykins

January 17, 2018  By Walter Mykins
Inspired by the upcoming winter Olympics, Autotask executives get candid in this new blog series, MSP – Go for the Gold! Featuring product and industry insights, advice and expertise, this series gives MSPs and ITSPs an inside look at how to seize opportunities and build a winning team to go for the gold in 2018 and beyond.

In case you haven’t heard, we rolled out Autotask Community Online earlier this week, and we are so excited! This new space provides customers the opportunity to connect with peers, learn business and product best practices and share insights with the global Autotask community. 

So, what does this mean for you? What’s so great about Community Online? Autotask VP of Client Services Walt Mykins, answers these questions and more below! 

Q: What is Autotask Community Online?
Autotask Community Online is a place for our customers to connect with their peers and Autotask experts on all thing Autotask and Managed Services. Whether they want to have a conversation about how they’re using Autotask products, or how they’re conducting business, this allows them to connect with each other on technical and business issues. It brings together all the resources they may need to succeed – training, support, help, best practices, plus access to their counterparts around the globe.

Q: Why did Autotask invest in the new Community Online? How does it improve upon the old community?
A: The idea of investing in this resource came from two places. First, it was about being able to create a virtual, collaborate environment for our customers to connect with their peers. Similar to the great conversation and learning that takes place at live events, like our annual Autotask Community Live event and roadshows, this provides the opportunity to extend that dialogue 365 days a year. They can share business best practices, ask questions to get the best value from their Autotask products and have all of the important conversations that occur in peer learning. We also realized we had so much content to give, but it seemed to be a bit spread out, making it more work than necessary for our customers to make use of that content.

Community Online allows us to provide customers the resources they need in one place – whether it’s training resources, business forums or voting on ideas to improve our products, this is the launching pad. 

Q: Tell me about the benefits our customers will see as a result of this new community.
The ability to reach out to peers in the community in invaluable. This community encompasses our customers from around the globe, so someone can connect with a peer they’ve worked with in the past or someone they’ve never met before. Often, we all can use access to someone in a similar role or situation who has faced similar challenges to ours and can give advice, regardless of where they are in the world.
We’re also really excited to provide a community that isn’t a designated product support space, but rather a space where insights for business improvement are shared just as frequently as insights for product improvements. This isn’t Autotask specific – we wanted to give customers a space to connect with one another to talk through any issues or roadblocks they may be having, whether that involves our products or not. 

Q: How does the new Community Online complement our other resources for clients, such as our (also new!) support portal?
A: Ultimately, Community Online is the central place for information and help with any questions or concerns a customer might have. If they don’t see the answer to their question within the Community, they can easily access our new support portal and schedule a time to meet or connect with us instantly. You can also jump right into your Implementation Portal if you are looking for help with onboarding Autotask. 

Q: What features in the new Community Online are you most excited about?
A: I’m super excited about the Ideas feature. A customer might find a limitation in how they use our products and they can suggest an idea for our product team and their peers to see. This gives the opportunity for other members in the community to vote on an idea and helps give our product team a better understanding of the needs of our customers, and they will rely on these ideas and votes when developing product roadmaps. 

We’re also building more training paths to guide customers through their journey, by providing highly consumable training videos and other resources in a logical order. So, maybe someone is looking for resources that help with onboarding a new technician. They can access the Technician Onboarding training path to find five videos that cover the essentials of day-to-day work in Autotask. 

Be sure to check out your new Autotask Community Online here or under the Community menu in PSA or the Help menu in Endpoint Management and get ready to learn, connect and share!
Walter Mykins
VP, Client Services and Operations

Walt brings 25 years of software and services experience in the technology sector to his role at Autotask. He leads Autotask’s global client services team with a focus on enhancing customers’ overall experience helping them to maximize their investment in Autotask via innovative implementation and professional services, training and technical support initiatives.

Before Autotask, Walt was with 3M Health Information Systems, a provider of advanced software and consulting services that help organizations capture and classify health care data and comply with regulations. He also managed the global professional services team at Pitney Bowes Software (formerly MapInfo Corporation).

Walt has a BS in Management from The Lally School of Management, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Troy, New York.

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