Get A Sneak Peek: Autotask Endpoint Management Reporting Release

January 24, 2018  
Our Endpoint Management customers have been super vocal in Autotask Community Online and your voices don’t go unheard! We use your input to help drive our product roadmaps and improve our solutions. Here’s a good example of this in action: we’re about to deliver one of the best releases in Endpoint Management history thanks to your candid feedback. 

Autotask Endpoint Management 6.0.0 (aka the Reporting Release) will be available soon. This release will make reporting a breeze, pump up your patch management capabilities and work even better with your Autotask PSA. 

We can’t wait for you to check it out. We’ll give you a sneak peek in our February 1 webinar, What’s New in Endpoint Management, hosted by Matthé Smit, Director of Product Management, Endpoint Management. Register here.

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