Got 99 Problems? Head to Our Support Portal

January 30, 2018  

Technical difficulties come in all shapes and sizes. Support shouldn’t. The Autotask Support Portal is designed to reduce wait time for our customers, and it has done just that. Since we introduced this resource, we are proud to report the average wait time for chat went from 11 to 4 minutes and call wait time was nearly cut in half from 12 minutes to 7! If you are having difficulties or need help, here’s how we can get you the answers you need:

Experiencing a technical issue? Let us know what product you’re having challenges with and either chat with us on the spot or send us a ticket with the details. 

Want to learn more about a product you’re using? We’ll send you to the right webinars, training videos, Community Online forums or online help that will get you the answers you need. 

Need to submit a service request? Simply specify the service you need and give us some more information about your issue - even add screenshots so our team can instantly understand the problem and get right to solving it.  

The Autotask Support Portal is just one of many resources we have for you when you have questions or are looking for ways to improve your use of our solutions. Check out how Autotask Community Online and our other training and education resources can also help.

Autotask Support Portal

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