How to Stick to Your SLAs and Delight Your Customers

February 01, 2018  

The latest overhaul to our ticket interface came with features that change the game for so many technology service providers. From checklists, contract insight, time summary, color coding and so many other great features and capabilities to make your job (and your life) a whole lot easier. Here’s how:

  • The new ticket timeline gives you a visual representation of the life of your ticket and makes it easy to see the time spent on a ticket vs. the time remaining, with all of your key targets along the way


  • Checklists allow you to delegate tasks, hold team members accountable and streamline processes, making recurring tasks easier to complete


  • Understand key ticket information from the insights panel at a glance with new color coding (voted most likely to delight Autotask customers!) 
  • The Quick Action toolbar gives you easy accessibility to keyboard shortcuts
  • Gain easy access to mission-critical information and tools through integration with Endpoint Management, including screenshots and the ability to initiate a remote-control takeover

All of these features make it easier for you to resolve tickets faster, so you can be ultra-responsive to your customers and truly delight them. Not to mention it means you can handle more tickets from new clients when you’re a ticket resolving ninja. See these features in action in our New Ticket UI video series here. Or setup a demo here.

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