What Every Service Provider Wants for Valentine’s Day: Security

February 13, 2018  

Security is a really serious pain point for so many MSPs and ITSPs. Hackers have become more and more sophisticated, raising the risk of security breaches and making your clients’ data vulnerable. 

The good news: You can treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and give yourself the gift of peace of mind with a simple initiative. We’ve outlined a six-step approach to keeping your clients’ data safe and there is one we want to emphasize: education and awareness. Your clients and their staff should be educated about the following: 

  1. Cybersecurity risks: What exactly are they and what can they do to avoid them?  
  2. Ransomware:  Is an extremely serious risk and anyone who uses a computer (or any other device for that matter) for 40+ hours a week should know what to do if their data is compromised by a ransomware attack  
  3. Best practices to catch phishing attempts and suspicious emails

Because your clients may not know that a ransomware kit can be downloaded from the internet for free, or that a simple click can compromise not only their data, but their entire organization's education and awareness is essential. 

So spread the love this Valentine’s Day in the form of cybersecurity education. See more about how to make your clients aware of the risks and keep their data safe in our eBook, 6 Ways to Shield Your Clients from Ransomware


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