How Human Error Can Affect Your Business

February 15, 2018  

Something to remember: we’re all human and humans make mistakes. There is no cloud application, service or software that can combat this. 90% of cyber attacks come down to human error and as hackers become more and more sophisticated, human error will only increase. So how do you ensure your clients and their employees keep their data safe? 

George Anderson, director of product marketing at Webroot, shares his three pillars for cybersecurity. 

  1. People: make them your first line of defense by training them and educating them about cybersecurity risks
  2. Process: use management systems and governance frameworks within your organization to ensure data is kept safe
  3. Technology: invest in the tools that will keep your data protected no matter what the situation 

Anderson emphasizes that these layers are interdependent - one layer alone will not give you the security you need, but all three layers gives you a solid foundation for data protection. And this goes beyond just data protection. Data security is also an opportunity for your business to grow. Providing cybersecurity education to your clients gives your organization new revenue opportunities , and when there are fewer breaches you gain more credibility with your clients, ultimately leading to more profits. 

Learn more about the Cost and Opportunity of End User Behavior Online in our webinar with Webroot.


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