Wall Street at Risk for Ransomware Attack

February 27, 2018  

Even with some of the nation’s toughest cyber regulations, New York’s financial center is at risk for a cyber attack, and the regulations might not do the trick. With more than 1,700 attacks against the US financial sector in 2016, preparation has been well underway for future attacks. But even with the best preparation, the reality is cyber attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. 

MSPs should take heed of New York’s policies for preparing for a cyber attack:

  • Risk assessment tests: See how vulnerable your organization is to falling victim to an attack
  • Multi-factor authentication: Passwords are no longer sufficient in protecting your information. 
  • Staff awareness training: Educate your employees and your end clients! We simply can’t stress this point enough.
  • Establish a response plan: It’s no longer a matter of if you’ll be hit with an attack, but when you’ll be hit. Create a plan for your employees to execute when that time comes.

Learn more about the risks of ransomware and how you can keep your business safe in the Datto State of the Channel Ransomware Report here


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