Robert Herjavec on Why Cryptocurrency Isn’t for Him

March 09, 2018  
Bitcoin. Ethereum. Cardano. Monero. Sound familiar? Cryptocurrency is taking over the airwaves and people are grabbing it while they can. So why wouldn’t one of the country’s most well-known investors get his share?

Robert Herjavec, CEO of cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group and keynote speaker at DattoCon this June, makes a compelling argument: the purchase of cryptocurrency supports the growing trend of hackers using it to hold data ransom. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin allows for anonymity, making it a wildly popular currency to request in ransomware attacks. 

“I can’t invest in something that my enemy uses as funds,” Herjavec told CNBC

With a 6,000 percent increase in ransomware attacks from 2015 to 2016, ransomware has become a very real threat IT providers need to take into account when securing their clients’ data, as well as their own. So how do you prepare?

Herjavec suggests backing up your data regularly and using cloud applications that offer multiple authentications to get access to crucial data. 

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