Are you Leveraging the Latest Technology to Protect your Clients’ Data?

March 12, 2018  

It’s no secret data loss has been impacting the IT channel this past year more than ever. Devastating events such as ransomware, hardware theft or rogue employees stealing customer data are only becoming more prevalent. These events often carry a range of adverse effects.

The need for better capabilities to help ITSP/MSP organizations protect their clients’ data is critical. And Datto and Autotask are committed to doing this for our partners. Datto recently introduced ransomware detection technology into our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery offering – click here for an overview of this technology from CEO Austin McChord.

And, with the upcoming 2018.1 release of Autotask Workplace™ and Endpoint Backup, we  now have additional capabilities focused on helping our partners improve security and increase visibility into who is accessing company data. We’ve done this by improving three key areas of the products. 

  1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) support: For both Workplace Manager and Endpoint Backup Manager environments, ITSP/MSPs have an optional added layer of security before accessing administrator level capabilities. This is particularly helpful when working remotely from a public place like a coffee shop, an airport or a train where internet passwords can be easily stolen.
  2. Default Policies when creating a team: Having default policies for Workplace and Endpoint Backup ensures that critical settings will be auto-configured upon creation of a new client team, ensuring mission-critical data is always backed up. It also means less time spent configuring default settings and it represents an opportunity to develop consistency across the ITSP client base for security and data accessibility practices. Intelligent defaults remove the risk of human error from manually completing repetitive tasks and ensures that critical data will be backed up each and every time.  
  3. Detailed visibility into data download and restore events: Probably the most valuable information ITSPs can have at their disposal is detailed forensic level reports outlining who accessed the system, when they accessed it, from where and which files they downloaded.  This upcoming release adds additional depth to the advanced reporting within Workplace and Endpoint Backup, and this information will be available in the form of a report that can be automatically saved and emailed right from the portal.

These enhancements offer more automated, intelligent, safe and purpose-built data continuity and collaboration solutions for ITSP/MSPs to take advantage of to better protect their clients’ data. To learn more about this release, check out the on-demand webinar here


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