Choosing a March Madness Bracket is (Kind of) Like Choosing Your Business Management Software

March 14, 2018  

March Madness is upon us. You might be gearing up to fill out your bracket and trying to figure out what team will make it to the championship game this year. This takes some work, right? Between watching countless games to see which teams have what it takes to make it (research is important), to deciding whether to root for your home team or the team that’s made it to the Elite 8 more times than you can remember, this is no small task. 

Choosing your business management software is much like picking your brackets - it takes some work. There are countless cloud applications available to MSPs and ITSPs. So how do you narrow it down to the best choice for your business? Before you decide on a solution provider, consider the following: 

  • Do your research: Your solution of interest might claim it’s reliable, but is it backed in the contract? Do they have the infrastructure in place to ensure your business won’t face hours/days of downtime each year?
  • Ask yourself: Has your business outgrown your home-grown solution? And be honest. Growth is good. But accepting that you need to migrate your data to a platform that can scale with growth can be challenging. Your home-grown solution might be close to your heart, much like your hometown team, but be realistic about what it can handle.
  • Find your Final Four: Narrow down your options and set up some demos to find out what they have to offer. Once you’ve got your Final Four, let them prove to you why they should win your business. 

It’s true we can’t help you fill in your bracket (good luck with that!), but we can help you pick your PSA solution with the tips above. For more helpful information, check out our PSA Buyer’s Guide here.  


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