Week in IT: AI Predictions, Hybrid Cloud Misconceptions and Cloud Migration

March 16, 2018  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

NetworkWorld: Disposable IoT Ready to Open New Opportunities
By Vivek Mohan 
It is expected that the consumer segment is the largest user of connected “things” representing 63 percent of the overall number of applications in use. Consumers enjoy enhanced security monitoring capabilities, efficient smart appliances, increased health insights, and the ability to automate routine tasks. Connecting large-scale items like cars or homes has proven to be rewarding, but what if we could bring the advantages of IoT to smaller, everyday items?

hedgeweek: Four Common Misconceptions About the Hybrid Cloud 
By Olivia Munroe
Financial institutions and firms continue to embrace cloud computing technology. While the hybrid cloud is rising in popularity for firms, there are still some common misconceptions about the methodology.

RCR Wireless: Tips for Cloud Migration
By Nathan Crawford
Companies are increasingly moving to the cloud as a way to run day-to-day business operations. A host of unexpected problems can occur without the proper foresight, costing companies both time and money. Fortunately, there are steps enterprises can take to make the road not yet traveled less daunting.

Business Computing World: Predictions: 5 Areas of AI and/or Machine Learning to Watch Closely
By Chris Knight
Artificial intelligence is appearing in a growing range of products, industries and services, so that even the most traditional markets will be impacted, and any growing company can use AI to help boost their performance. Here are some of the cutting-edge areas where AI could make a massive impact and will spill over into other industries.

DARKReading: 3 Tips to Keep Cybersecurity Front & Center
By Greg Kushto
In today's environment, a focus on cybersecurity isn't a luxury. It's a necessity, and making sure that focus is achieved starts with the company's culture. Ideally, your organization's IT department focuses on preventing fires instead of putting them out post facto. Achieving this requires keeping cybersecurity central to your organization's decision-making. But how do you make that happen?

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