The IT Professional’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

March 20, 2018  

Spring is finally here (we know it may hard for some to believe!), and when is the last time you cleaned your data? Now’s a good time to round up your team and go through the following steps to ensure your data and systems are squeaky clean:

  1. Run an audit across your cloud applications. Do they integrate? Or is your mission-critical data scattered across numerous different platforms? Having a solution that integrates across applications is a tremendous help in keeping data clean and easily accessible.  Is there room for improvement? Perhaps, it’s time to consider a find a  new solution (like a Unified PSA+RMM platform) to make maintaining clean data even easier.
  2. Ensure your data is backed up and ready for any disaster. Gone are the days of backing up your data to a piece of hardware and walking away with confidence your data is secure. With natural disasters and ransomware always lurking, it’s best practice to set up a business continuity device that can keep your business running in the event of a ransomware attack or any other disaster. Check out this Datto success story to learn why.
  3. Update your software. Outdated software opens you up to vulnerabilities. When a software provider announces an update, it typically mentions what it’s improving upon and hackers can use those vulnerabilities to their advantage. It’s important to have an RMM tool that automatically updates patches to eliminate this possibility. 

These steps will give you a solid foundation for  maintaining clean, secure data. In fact, you may find it to be so helpful, you “spring clean” more than once a year!


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