Week in IT: Modern backup opportunities, 6 analytics trends and IoT initiatives

March 23, 2018  
Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

IoTEVOLUTION: Digital Transformation and IoT: Making the Connection 
By Cara Sloman 
Thanks to the internet of things (IoT), higher-quality data can now be captured more quickly and in greater volumes, presenting organizations with new opportunities to transform and improve their business models. What could the IoT’s new possibilities mean for your business?

Forbes: More Data, Less Hassle: The AI Assistant Of The Future
By Scott Haffpauir 
Last year marked a meaningful trajectory for AI -- although one might argue it was a time of flash instead of substance. 2018 marks a pivotal year in business adoption of AI and automation -- it may be the year where the hype will give way to actual implementations of applied intelligence.

TechTarget: Modern Data Backup Opportunities Afford Merging Opportunities 
By Jim O’Reilly 
Through technologies such as copy data management, vendors are merging primary and secondary storage. There's more convergence ahead, within the likes of solid-state drives. Data backup technologies today provide avenues to merge with primary storage, as well as with disaster recovery.

CIO: 6 Data Analytics Trends that Will Dominate 2018
By Thor Olavsrud
Together with social, mobile and cloud, analytics and associated data technologies have emerged as core business disruptors in the digital age. As companies began the shift from being data-generating to data-powered organizations in 2017, data and analytics became the center of gravity for many enterprises. In 2018, these technologies need to start delivering value. Here are the approaches, roles and concerns that will drive data analytics strategies in the year ahead.

ZDNet: The Success of Your IoT Initiative Will Depend on Your Data Proficiency
By Dan Bieler
Data management and data rights sharing are critical aspects of the IoT ecosystem debate. For businesses, Industry 4.0 is a new way to think about data across processes. It is also about real-time process integration with digital technology, "intelligence anywhere," and distributed intelligence. In the B2B context, Industry 4.0 is about end-to-end transparency across the value chain. 

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