The Hottest Ticket in the Cloud

April 03, 2018  

Tickets are the lifeblood of an MSP’s work, it’s where you track critical information and manage important tasks all in one place. Here at Autotask, we set a goal to make that experience a great one for every one that lives their work days in the ticket. The end result: a revolutionary experience that makes it the Hottest Ticket in the Cloud. These are some of the features partners are loving:

  • Ticket timeline: gives a visual representation of the ticket lifecycle with targets for key tasks
  • Checklists: delegate tasks and hold your team accountable
  • Device insights: tap into your integrated remote monitoring and management tool to take a screenshot or initiate a remote-control takeover of a device
  • Color coding: configurability is a breeze with color-coded categories

Have you checked out the Autotask ticket UI lately? See the ticket in action and set up a demo today.

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