Hybrid IT Series: Offering a Hybrid IT Catalog Keeps Your Internal Processes In Great Shape

April 05, 2018  

It’s always a good idea to set aside some time to look at your services catalog and conduct an audit. What are you selling that isn’t serving you well? What’s missing from your portfolio? Are the prices on point? What’s bringing in the most revenue? 

Offering a hybrid catalog of services to your clients can be a great way to keep the answers to the questions above simple. Here are four ways a hybrid IT catalog benefits an MSP or ITSP:

  1. Determining a set of IT services you and your team can provide makes it easier for potential clients to understand whether your services are right for them and shows your services are aligned with their business goals. 
  2. Make each sale smoother for everyone involved with a set of custom services in each proposal. This eliminates guesswork for both your clients and your staff. 
  3. Manage expectations by telling clients what your response times are and explaining how long it takes to deliver a service, what it costs and the resulting benefits. This allows them to focus on their business and gives them peace of mind that you’re taking care of their technology needs. Without a doubt, you’ll see an increase your client satisfaction with a clearly defined set of products and services, with associated deliverables and key service delivery metrics. Here’s a hint: this makes it easier for clients to buy more services from you down the line.
  4. Remember those questions we asked earlier? With a hybrid IT catalog, you’ll be able to answer them with ease.  

Get the answers you need. Find out what is helping and hurting your business with a set of services your staff can deliver with confidence and success. 

Learn more about the benefits of a hybrid IT catalog in our Smart IT Guide: Building a Profitable Hybrid IT Services Catalog, and stay tuned for more blogs in our Hybrid IT Series. 

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