How can the 10,000 hours of practice principle benefit MSPs?

April 09, 2018  By David Walter
This guest blog is part of an MSP tips and tricks series, written by Autotask partners from around the globe.

Malcolm Gladwell is famed for his 10,000 hours of practice outlier principal. MSPs can take heed of this theory and use it to grow their businesses by learning how to spot brilliant salespeople who are on track to reach 10,000 hours of practice.  

To do this, you’ll want to ignore the professional experience of possible candidates and look for prospects that have counter-intuitive training like sales experience a candidate might have acquired in their personal lives (e.g., a hobby making and selling handcrafted tables) rather than a professional setting.

If you can master the art of identifying these sales outliners and cultivating their talents, then you can run circles around your competitors.  
David Walter
David Walter is the Founder and Marketing Director at MSP SEO Factory, a company providing IT marketing to businesses in the United States. Their expertise is creating MSP marketing ideas and turning them into original, optimized blog posts. Their process involves in-depth brainstorming, thorough editing, and effective promotion of fresh and unique articles for their MSP Business clients. He has 17 years experience in marketing for the IT industry, as well as experience in direct MSP marketing, internet marketing, article writing. David speaks at trade shows, webinars and is a sales trainer for major IT companies. He is also a published author; his latest book is Stratospheric Lead Generations Secrets.

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