How a Unified PSA + RMM Drives Accountability and Customer Satisfaction

April 10, 2018  

Ask any MSP, and it’s likely they’ll tell you that an uptick in efficiency in their day-to-day tasks would be welcomed into their business with open arms. But with so many cloud applications available to MSPs and ITSPs these days, it’s hard to know which will truly drive tangible results. 

Accountability and customer satisfaction are complementary in so many ways - with more accountability, customer satisfaction (one of the most important tangible business metrics one can measure) rates will soar. Bundle that with a business management tool that organizes all of your technicians’ tasks and you’re sure to see efficiency improvements.

Forrester conducted a Total Economic Impact study and outlined those tangible results for MSPs and ITSPs to see what could be achieved if they choose the Autotask Unified PSA + remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform. Some highlights include:

  • A 48% reduction in dissatisfied customers
  • A 28% increase in response times
  • A 10% increase in attained response time for contracted SLAs
  • A 3% increase in customer satisfaction 

These are just a few of the many benefits Forrester outlines in their Total Economic Impact study for unified PSA + RMM from Autotask. The report also covers countless other metrics that are key for businesses looking to improve overall efficiency. Take a look for yourself and see what other benefits unification can bring. 

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