Hybrid IT Series: Balancing Product and Services Sales to Drive Revenue

April 12, 2018  

A hybrid IT catalog is comprised of two key elements: products and services. Products generally consist of something you have to buy and resell, while services involve your business’ expertise and work to complement the products you sell. We outline all of this and more in our guide to Building a Profitable Hybrid IT Services Catalog.

It might be your first instinct to shy away from selling more products because the profit margin isn’t what you’d hoped, reselling products requires more touch points than selling a service or you don’t want to appear partial to one product and not the other. It is important to remember:

  • You maintain account control
  • More products = more services = more revenue generated
  • Standardizing a product drives efficiency and profitability

Providing your customers with services that supplement the products you sell will differentiate you from the direct vendors. These services add value and make it more about the packaged deal of product + services, rather than simply providing a product and moving onto the next sale. 

We don’t recommend you  take on a product you aren’t comfortable selling. But when you’re inclined to back down, consider all of your options, assess whether your team can take on the work that comes with being an expert in a new product offering, and determine if the fit is right for you. 

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