Week in IT: Digital transformation trends, securing hybrid clouds and BYOD

April 20, 2018  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

CIO: 6 Hot Digital Transformation Trends — and 4 Going Cold
By Esther Shein
Now considered essential to driving profits, digital transformations are shifting from platform-first strategies to initiatives that leverage emerging technologies in service of clear customer and operational goals.

Tech Republic: How to Secure Hybrid Clouds: What IT Pros Need to Know
By Michael Kassner
Public and private organizations have determined that moving data and software platforms to the cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. IT departments are learning to run a mix of on premise private-cloud and third-party public-cloud services. Creating a hybrid-cloud platform allows workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, giving businesses greater flexibility and more data-deployment options.

NetworkWorld: Will Enterprise IoT Become BYOD on Steroids?
By GT Hill
The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the enterprise is moving beyond the hype into a much more pragmatic and operational phase of planning, execution and service delivery. There’s massive interest and buzz around IoT within companies of every type. This is largely due to the transformative business impact IoT will have. 

VentureBeat: McAfee: 26% of Companies Have Suffered Cloud Data Theft
By Dean Takahashi
McAfee released its third annual report ahead of the RSA security conference in San Francisco this week. The survey showed that 97 percent of companies use cloud services, either as a public or private cloud or a combination of both, up from 93 percent a year ago. Eighty-three percent store sensitive data in the cloud, but only 69 percent trust the public cloud to keep their data secure.

GeekWire: VPNs are Your Safest Bet for Public Wi-Fi: A Security Pro’s Tips for Getting Started
By Corey Nachreiner
If you ask a security professional for tips on improving your privacy and security when connecting to public Wi-Fi or other untrusted networks, the first thing they’ll usually say is “use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).” And while this is a great recommendation, it can intimidate most people. 

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