Hybrid IT Series: Getting Started with Your Hybrid IT Catalog

April 24, 2018  

It might seem intimidating to create your Hybrid IT Catalog from scratch. But, we also know it comes with great benefits, like a healthy ratio of revenue between your products and services and squeaky clean internal processes. Here’s how to get started on creating a catalog that’s right for your business:

  1. Partner with vendors of your choice (after doing your research, of course) and standardize your product line. Automate your quoting and presentation process to make the buying process easier for your clients.
  2. Define, productize and and set prices for your services. This is the time to determine your goals with metrics, service level agreements (SLAs) and set up a process to survey your clients - this will gauge customer satisfaction level, a key metrics all MSPs and ITSPs should have a close eye on.
  3. Begin to shift from break/fix - automate your services. Many services that MSPs and ITSPs provide can be automated: patch management, maintenance, service desk, asset management and plenty more. Organize these services by configuration, item types and device types.

These three steps will make your business more scalable, making adding products and services in the future a breeze. Next up in the Hybrid IT series, we’ll talk about how to price your unique catalog of products and services. 

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