Week in IT: Hybrid business, managing IT risk and enterprise IoT security

April 27, 2018  

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week in the world of ITSPs, MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

Information Age: Forget Hybrid IT, Enter the Era of Hybrid Business
By Nick Ismail 

Every organization, regardless of size or sector, has a digital strategy. In fact, it’s hard to believe that IT once lingered on the fringes of business operations and decisions when today it is front and center – a driving force behind both individual projects and overall business objectives.

CIO: How to Manage IT Risk Without Killing Innovation 
By Bruce Harpham 

Startup slogans are inescapable in tech: Move fast. Break things. Minimum viable product. These are exciting ideas, for sure, but to put them to use in IT, you’ll need to tailor them to your context.

DarkReading: Deconstructing the Possibilities and Realities of Enterprise IoT Security
By Bill Kleyman 

When we think of the Internet of Things, most people usually fall back to the kinds of devices they're familiar with, such as a Nest thermostat or a Philips Hue smart light. However, today IoT components are finding their way, at lightning speed, into places such as healthcare, the enterprise, and certainly the data center.

Harvard Business Review: Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave
By Joseph L. Bower and Clayton M. Christensen 

One of the most consistent patterns in business is the failure of leading companies to stay at the top of their industries when technologies or markets change. 

ITBusinessEdge: Managing the Ops Side of DevOps 
By Arthur Cole 

In an ideal DevOps environment, there is little or no distinction between the development and operations of applications and services. Most platforms, in fact, strive to blend these two functions into a cohesive process so that Dev and Ops can move in tandem, significantly enhancing the app lifecycle and providing a far less error-prone product to consumers.

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